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Property Preservation

Foreclosure Cleanouts | Giraffe Landscaping Service | Round Rock, TX

Art (512) 718-3553   Sam (512)993-5464

Jerson (512)988-7018

If you are a real estate agent, bank, or private owner who is in possession of a foreclosed home full of junk and debris, you do not need to risk life and limb to clean out the home yourself. You never know what you will walk into. Giraffe Enterprise Services of Round Rock, TX offers professional foreclosure cleanouts with our highly trained debris removal crew. We can take your foreclosed home and transform it into a spotless building that is ready to be shown, sold, and lived in.

Often when homes are foreclosed, the family may just up and leave, leaving behind years worth of items, including trash, food, and worse. We have seen many cases in which squatters have occupied the vacant home, leaving it in squalor. Without active occupants, pests, including raccoons, cats, and more can also take up residence in the home. We have no fear when entering a foreclosed home, because we have seen it all. Our foreclosure cleanouts are perfect for taking care of all of these issues and more.

When you hire our foreclosure cleanout service, we will clear the home of all of the objects left behind, including appliances, furniture, carpeting, and debris. We will always dispose of the junk properly. Every wall, window, and floor will be cleaned and sanitized, leaving the home spotless and smelling great. We will even provide interior and exterior painting services for you if needed. There is no need to get your hands dirty, or call multiple companies to handle your foreclosure cleanouts, because we do it all for one low price!

Experience the difference a professional cleanout will make in the time it takes to get your foreclosed home ready to show and sell.

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